Sunday, May 6, 2007

Hot Female Dominant Utopia, Origins

How this site came to be, that is. I'm still scribbling my notes on the origins of the cheesy Hot Female Dominant Utopia society I intend to post fiction on. (Where did all of you people come from? Seriously. My hair is still in curlers, and I don't even have the roast in the oven yet.)

This all started in an essay post on my main blog, the essay post appropriately entitled, Hot Female Dominant Utopia. While the point of many of my posts on my main blog is erotic ruffling, that post wasn't supposed to be erotic. I was actually trying to make a serious point about people confusing reality with fiction.

Well, ruffle I did, including myself. I'd nearly forgotten how much fun this kind of fiction is.

That led to reminiscing about a 30 year old TV pilot called Planet Earth, and this post, Hot Female Dominant Utopia Fun.

Whereupon, my BFF, BitchyJones, threw me over the edge with: Heat and Dust and Lust and Ritualised Punishment

(she's British, so she spells funny)

At the end of my lust rope, I countered with: The Dusty Hot Lust of Female Dominant Utopia

Then Bitchy got me drunk and next thing I knew I had a second blog that I'd promised to fill with hot female dominant utopia fiction.

There is content coming soon, stay tuned, if you think it will float your boat. There's a suggestion box for ideas. (I'm turning the comments off of individual posts right now because I 'm really still rearranging the furniture, and you could get lost in the move. ) Comments, suggestions, encouragement, whatever, that's why it's there.